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Thursday, April 28, 2005

Captain Kirk saves the day

A couple of good showdowns last night in the association, with Kirk Hinrich getting the best of Gilbert Arenas in Game 2. The Wiz just can't let guys like Antonio Davis, Adrian Griffin and Jannero Pargo take over a game. Hinrich was just huge, hitting dagger threes and coming up with steals whenever Washington chipped away at the score.

In the desert, the Suns/Grizzlies games had two different battles going on as Nash and J. Dub went at it, Williams had his Hinrich on in the first going 6-6 for 13 in the first but only ended up playing 30 minutes. In the other matchup, Amare put up solid numbers (going to the line for a robust 22 FTA) but could not contain Pau Gasol on the other end. The Suns started doubling, turning him into a passer. Smart strategy as Pau went scoreless in the last 4 minutes. His only scoring opportunities resulted in two misses from the charity stripe and getting swatted by Q down the stretch.

Epilogue: No surprise Arenas went off, but most would have expected a Wizards win to come with it. Washington should play better at home but the Bulls are finding different ways to win. (Gordon/Nocioni in game 1, Kirk & the bench in Game 2). Will someone outside of Hughes and Arenas step up for the Wiz? Nocioni is embarassing Jamison, while Dixon, Jeffries and Haywood are getting thoroughly trounced by their Bulls counterparts.

Outside of the first quarter of Game 1, the Suns have looked very beatable and the series is far from over. Czar has barely used Bonzi or Stro (who sat out last night with an apparent sore ankle) so if he can find a lineup that works and stick with it then this could go 6 or 7.

  • The boys over at Veteran Presence bring the goods. The Week That Was is a great read, even if they do hate on basketball.

  • In other news the Land of the Dead trailer is up.


  • At 12:48 PM, Blogger Joey said…

    Paul, I'm with you (as you know): It was inexcusable that the Wiz let a bunch of role players beat them like a drum in the second quarter last night. I seriously question how Eddie Jordan approaches defense. How can there be so many open shooters all the time?


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