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Saturday, April 30, 2005

Send it in Jerome!

Isaiah's next target?

Sacramento finally made it a series last night as Mike Bibby got out of his funk. Tough game to analyze because the Kings could have easily lost had Rashard Lewis been on. The bigger story was not the outcome, but the continued dominance of Jerome James who dropped 22 and 9 on the Kings. For the series, James is averaging 19.3 ppg on 56% from the field to go with 11 rebounds.

I think we have the early favorite for Worst Contract of the Summer on our hands. Not only is James in a contract year, the Kings are his former team who cut him, and have perhaps the worst defense in the league. Of course I'm not an NBA GM, so someone like Zeke, Chris Mullin (Adonal Foyle, STAND UP!), or Seattle's Rick Sund will probably give him a comical Jon Koncak type deal.


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