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Friday, May 06, 2005

Blame Canada

Would have had this up sooner, but your boy was celebrating his birthday yesterday and the celebration continues later tonight.

So if Marc Stein is right, Steve Nash is your NBA MVP. Shaq seemed like a mortal lock, because of the Heat's success and the Lakers downfall, but Nash was just as strong a candidate after the Suns' great success. I have no beef with the way the voting went, good to see PG's get some dap after J-Kidd got denied a few years back.

ESPNEWS had Greg Anthony on commenting about it and he basically defecated on Udonis Haslem while talking up Shaq's case. He made it seem that the Heat won in spite of Haslem starting, going on to state that he wouldn't start for 75-80% of the league (Seattle, Houston, Sacramento, New Orleans, Atlanta, Milwaukee, Chicago, New York, New Jersey, Cleveland and Golden State could all use his services). If I was a Cavs fan I would be afraid as he is supposedly a GM candidate.

The most intriguing factor here is that Shaq is set up to play the role of scorned athlete who was denied an MVP trophy and gets a chance at revenge. Previous incarnations include Michael Jordan against the Jazz and MVP Karl Malone and Hakeem Olajuwon against the Spurs and MVP David Robinson.

-All-Rookie First Team was also released, no surprises here, folks. Emeka Okafor, Dwight Howard, Andre Iguodala, Ben Gordon and Luol Deng make up the list. Would have liked to see Josh Smith slip in but Deng was a ROY candidate until he went down.

-What's a birthday without a cake. Waxing poetic about Cookie Puss.

-Coming soon: Forecasts for the playoff castaways.


  • At 10:47 PM, Blogger Matso said…

    word to Nash getting MVP. I gave him the nod for MVP since the Suns roared from the get go. Good point on those 2nd place MVPers tearing shit up. That Cookie Puss deal made me think of Patton Oswalt. He has a bit about the Carvel ads and how "you couldn't cut them shits w/ a fucking light saber."

  • At 10:02 AM, Blogger Paul Rizzy said…

    Haha, oh man, I need that Oswalt CD so bad. My friends and I quote his Robert Evans bit ad nauseum, and his bit about 80's metal is also great. SQUIBBLEYDOO!

  • At 10:23 AM, Blogger Matso said…

    DAMN YANKEES :) The cd is crack indeed. He was on Carson Daly last night (don't know why I was watching, but it was on). Sad thing is, it's almost as if Carson sucked the funny out of him. Was pretty shitty interview/piece. I saw on Patton's website he has an uncut version of his cd when he performed it at the club. 2CD jawn. Might cop that if finances improve.


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