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Monday, May 09, 2005


Rough weekend for basketball fans with a pair of Game 7/Game 1 blowouts. I thought Seattle had no chance with Ray Allen and Vlad Rad but now the series could be unwatchable.

Now that the first round is over, I'll hit you off with forecasts for the first round castaways, broken down into how bright their future seems.

The sun will come out tomorrow:

Chicago Bulls: The Bullies might have the brightest future of any team in the league. I think Tyson Chandler and Eddy Curry will both return. Luol Deng had his offseason start early and should come out guns blazing next year. Most importantly, the backcourt of Hinrich and Gordon will have another year to mature and improve.

New Jersey Nets: The sky is the limit for the Nets and they should become the Eastern version of this years Suns. Nenad Krstic has a bright future. Their main needs are landing a big man in free agency (Donyell Marshall or Shareef Abdur-Rahim?) or in the draft (Sean May?) and acquiring a new backup PG.

Denver Nuggets: Without the horrible start, the Nuggets would have avoided the Spurs and likely still been playing. The addition of a solid 2 guard could only help and for now I have them pegged in as next years 4 seed in the West.

Outlook hazy:

Philadelphia 76ers: The trio of Iverson, Iguodala and Webber is enough to keep the Sixers in the playoff mix in the East, but who will be playing alongside them? Philly gets Jamal Mashburn's contract off the books. Sammy Dalembert and Ashton Korver are free agents. I see Korver back, and Dalembert should return unless a team like Atlanta throws an absurd amount of money at him.

Houston Rockets: Disappointing finish for the Rockets, but T-Mac and Yao will be back. The beef between Van Gundy and Das Fuhrer seems to have died down after JVG backed down. Come draft time the Rockets should be looking to invest in a big man to replace the aging Dikembe Mutombo and Juwan Howard.

Lottery Bound:

Boston Celtics: Say goodbye to Toine and the Glove, maybe Pierce too. Ainge might have to go all out with this youth movement and build around Al Jefferson. Rumors swirling that Ainge is smitten with Travis Outlaw from Portland, so Pierce for Outlaw and a #1 pick could happen.

Sacramento Kings: Still an extremely talented team, but chemistry could be a problem. The main problem is the current supporting cast, and it might be time for Bobby Jackson to find a change of scenery.

Memphis Grizzles: After getting swept out of the playoffs, the Grizzles are another team that will likely overhaul its roster. Jason Williams Kwame'd his future with the team after his postgame 4 runin with a reporter. Bonzi, Stro will also most likely be gone. Can't see them making the playoffs next year, but it should be fun to see what the Logo can pull off in the summer.

*Superfriends Voice* MEANWHILE...

-Where is the Sports Guy? Looks like the Sports Gal has given birth to Thea Epstein Simmons.

-If you missed M.I.A. on Jimmy Kimmel, Chris Lemon-Red has put it up in mp3 form, saves you from having to see Kimmel's puffy face.

-Reminder: Hoop Dreams Criterion drops tomorrow.


  • At 5:41 PM, Blogger Joey said…

    Dunny, I hope that Pierce gets his ass shipped off. I can't stand dude. Nice post.


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