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Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Stay on the grind


Pretty good week, I'm sticking with IMDB links, since I don't get paid to shill like other people.

12 Monkeys Special Edition

Fun Terry Gilliam flick starring Brad Pitt & "Lohan groper" Bruce Willis.

Entourage Season 1

Great HBO show, starring Adrian Grenier as up and coming movie star Vincent Chase. The supporting cast are the real reason to watch. Jeremy Piven (Vincent's agent Ari Gold) and Kevin Dillon (in an example of art imitating life, plays Vincent's brother Johnny Drama) steal every scene.

Hoop Dreams Criterion Collection

My favorite documentary, highest recommendation. Includes a commentary track with Arthur Agee and William Gates.

In Living Color Season 3

When the Wayans were still funny and before Jim Carrey was making 20 mil a picture.

The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou Criterion Collection (1 & 2 discer)

Not Wes Anderson's strongest work (first film that he's done without Owen Wilson's writing) but still a really good film. A must have for fans of his work.

The Longest Yard Lockdown Edition

Catch the original starring Burt Reynolds before seeing the (most likely terrible) remake.


Who's the Boss now?

Free Frosties at Wendy's this weekend. Holla!

Guess What's back?! Not that I won't just watch with the mute on, and use WFAN for the audio.


  • At 7:37 AM, Blogger Joey said…

    Yo Paul, nice DVD roundup. I'll cop that Zissou piece; I thought the movie was simultaneously underwhelming and underrated. It was not Anderson's best work, and I was hoping for something funnier, but it also got too much word-of-mouth opprobrium. It was a movie with interesting characters.


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