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Friday, May 27, 2005


No NBA games for a second night in a row, but the show must go on.

-Quick plug: The fine folks over at Baseblog, including my main man Mr. Kamoji, have brought me on board.

-Finished up the stack of comics I picked up recently, including Felt #1, the companion piece to the upcoming Felt 2 album by Murs and Slug. Worth a look if you're a fan of theirs or hip-hop and comics in general. Find out more about the books creator, Jim Mahfood, here.

-For the Deadwood fanatics, here is a follow up to the Wyatt Earp rumor I mentioned yesterday. Possible future storylines?

Wyatt explored the hills the following spring, and confirmed that all likely looking gold claims were already staked. It is rumored that the reason Wyatt left was that he and DeadwoodÂ’s sheriff Seth Bullock did not see eye to eye on an issue.
You know Seth is gonna be all ornery until he starts tappin' Alma again. Read more here.

-Curse you, Adam Sandler! Eddie Albert, who played the warden in the original Longest Yard, passed away yesterday. Coincidentally, Sports Guy just put up an article on his #3 sports movie of all-time earlier today.

-Onto another sad topic, I would like to join those mourning the new cringe-inducing Lindsay Lohan. What's even sadder is how quick she flamed out. That Harry Potter sketch seems like only yesterday. Why, oh why couldn't she have taken a cue from Mariah and gotten even sexier following her breakdown? How is she supposed to "sing" a farewell tribute to LeBron at his last All-Star game now?!

That's it for now, catch y'all on the flipside.


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