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Wednesday, May 25, 2005

What's the story, Robert Horry?

Can anyone stop the Spurs? Despite big numbers from Amare and more ESPN Classic performances by Steve Nash, San Antonio has just toyed with the Suns/I wonder if Shawn Marion has to do a double take to make sure he's playing with Steve Nash and not Matthew Fox, money looks lost/Always knew D'Antoni reminded me of someone. Sunday's season finale might have been a sign of things to come for Phoenix's playoff run/Big Shot Rob continues to astound and provide a valuable veteran presence. Whether it was drawing a charge, goading Stoudamire into a T, or draining a clutch three, Horry was all over the place last night/Burning question: Does Zeke get a ring? Nazr has been a beast.

-Deadwood rumor mill: Garret Dillahunt (Jack McCall/Francis Wolcott) could be back next season in his third recurring role, that of Wyatt Earp.

-In other TV news, 90 minute Shield last night was pretty great, but a whole lotta buildup just to set up future episodes. Shane and Army look like they could be going down next week, long time coming for a Strike Team member to crash and burn.

-Lost season finale on tonight as well, tonight could be the night we find out what's in the hatch, what's in the effin haaaaatch!?!

OK, channeled Se7en there, time to wrap up. Be back soon with an early mock NBA draft.


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