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Tuesday, May 31, 2005

When I turn my hat around it's like a switch.

DVD Report

I think I'm going to switch over to monthly installments starting next week.

The Complete James Dean Collection (East of Eden/Giant/Rebel Without a Cause)

Although it's probably lost on today's youth, at one time if you looked in the dictionary you would find Dean's picture next to the word "cool". Sadly, today we'd probably have Ashton Kutcher or the guy from One Tree Hill. The boxset has the 3 classics he made before dying in a car crash.

Danger Mouse - Seasons 1 & 2 Grey Album not included.


The Essential Steve McQueen Collection (Bullitt/The Getaway/The Cincinatti Kid/Papillon/Tom Horn/Never So Few)

The second gangsta boxset out this week. Get this for Bullitt, Papillon, and The Getaway (unless you're Robert Evans), the rest is just gravy.

Over the Top Let me just turn my hat backwards before I start this. Don't think of it as the greatest film about arm-wrestling ever made, it's also a sweeping dramatic opus about a man trying to pick up the pieces of his shattered life....that happens to revolve around arm-wrestling.

Submerged More direct-to-video goodness from (no guns, break arms, break necks, break backs) Steven Seagal. This time he has to stop terrorists in a submarine. No rapper in this one, but it does have former soccer thug Vinnie Jones.


Phil at Veteran Presence shares not-so-fond childhood memories of Mike Pagliarulo. Includes link to a site where you can purchase Pag's pants for the low low price of $999.99.

Lamps don't count.

Joey says "Eff a Larry Brown" in his latest End of the Bench post. Cleveland should enjoy LeBron while they still have him.

Looks like we still have a series in the East, Detroit up big with a few minutes to go....and now the Heat start a mini-comeback....OK, Detroit put an end to that. I'm off to watch the reairing of The Shield.


  • At 10:36 AM, Blogger Joey said…

    Paul, thanks for the shout. Nice job on the DVD rundown. I used to love "Danger Mouse." That theme song was so great in its simplicity.

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