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Thursday, May 26, 2005

You'll Never Walk Alone

So I somehow forgot to mention the insane Liverpool/AC Milan game in last night's post. Crazy game and must-see (even if you're not into soccer). After a comeback straight out of Victory, the game ended up going to penalty kicks. After a couple of insane saves at point blank range in OT, Liverpool's goalie Dudek shimmied and shaked to distract Milan's kickers and lead his team to victory. There is supposed to be a replay tonight at 10pm EST on ESPN Classic, try to catch it. Special Bonus: You get to hear the announcer's say Brazilian player Caca's name repeatedly throughout the game.

NBA Mock Draft v. 1.0

I'll stick with just the lottery for now, this is just a test run anyway. This version is who I think teams should take, not who they will take. Hopefully, this won't be as bad as NBADraft.net's or Chad Ford's mock.

1. Milwaukee - Andrew Bogut (have to make Michael Redd happy, instant gratification (no homo))
2. Atlanta - Chris Paul (Hawks get a young general to lead a possibly explosive offense with Josh Smith, Childress and Baby Al)
3. Portland - Marvin Williams (too good to pass up here, higher upside than Gerald Green even though SG is a bigger need)
4. New Orleans - Deron Williams (Dickau is cool and all, but Deron could turn out to be the best PG in the draft)
5. Charlotte - Gerald Green (another piece for the future)
6. Utah - Fran Vazquez (Utah loves them some foreign big men)
7. Toronto - Danny Granger (could be a nice guy to have playing alongside Bosh)
8. New York - Martynas Andriuskevicius (and not just for the crowd's reaction, replaces the void left by Nazr Mohammed)
9. Golden State - Joey Graham (defensive presence for a young team on the rise)
10. Los Angeles Lakers - Raymond Felton (Lakers fill a need with a solid pg, won't have to worry about handling the rock too much with Kobe so that should help his transition to the pro's)
11. Orlando - Channing Frye (could do well as backup and eventual replacement for the injury prone Kelvin Cato)
12. Los Angeles Clippers - Chris Taft (disappointing year drops him, big body off the bench and gets to learn from Elton Brand)
13. Charlotte - Hakim Warrick (seems like a great fit for the Bobcats)
14. Minnesota - Sean May (right guy for a team looking to change direction, gets to learn by playing with KG)

Feedback is welcome.


  • At 8:31 AM, Blogger Joey said…

    Not bad, Paul. But I have to disagree on two picks: Charlotte, with Brezec and Okafor, doesn't really need a tweener like Warrick who might not have the bulk to bang inside and definitely does not have the perimeter skills. And doesn't golden state already have a bunch of swingmen? Pietrus, Dunleavy, White. I am not really sold on any of them, but it seems like they could find someone else at this pick if their roster remains the same. Now, if they were to unload someone like Pietrus (who probably has high value given his youth and athleticism) then Graham would be a nice fit. The Warriors really could use more reliable outside shooting.

  • At 10:21 AM, Blogger Paul Rizzy said…

    Hmm, well I don't think Dun Jr. has lived up to his #3 pick stature, might be time to part ways whenever his deal is up. I was thinking the same thing, Pietrus is all about the defense, but I think Graham is stronger offensively. White had his shot to make it big in Denver and blew it, I don't think the Warriors are banking on him for their future.

    I like Warrick enough and think he would fit into Charlotte's plans. Young, athletic and will give his all.

  • At 12:07 PM, Blogger Joey said…

    Yeah, I would take a 3 if I were the Warriors and new that I was going to be moving some people, but otherwise, I don't see it making much sense given the need more for shooting. Richardson and Davis are both such streaky jump shooters, you know?

  • At 2:09 PM, Blogger Paul Rizzy said…

    I see your point, but shooters like Wright, McCants, Stoudemire and Garcia aren't worth taking that high. I could see them taking Granger if he falls though. Maybe the HS kid Webster, but I don't know what kind of perimeter game he has.


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