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Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Digital Crack

Back on my grind, here is the DVD report for June. I'll go with Digital Crack for now, unless someone wants to suggest a new name.

June 7th

Dead Ringers - Cronenberg ish, already out on Criterion but this release has a couple of extras cut out to make it much more affordable.

The Driver - Walter Hill (currently directing Deadwood) made this right before The Warriors. Cat and mouse game between a pro getaway driver and the detective set on catching him.

The Machinist - Eff a Charlize Theron, this is the type of physical transformation that should get praised. Christian Bale is a superstar in the making.

Rescue Me - The Complete 1st Season - Worried about Shield withdrawal? Nip/Tuck can't start soon enough? Try this other FX drama out, just in time for Season 2 next week.

Stripes - Extended Cut - Another classic Bill Murray comedy. This cast is just crazy, Harold Ramis, John Candy, John Larroquette, and the immortal Warren Oates.

June 14th


Casino - Anniversary Edition - Scorcese classic gets a proper DVD release, just a great film top to bottom. Joe Pesci's last great role (although his love scene with Sharon Stone will likely cause you to gouge your eyes out Oedipus style.)

Danger: Diabolik Spy flick by the legendary Mario Bava, really looking forward to checking this one out.

Jaws - 30th Anniversary Edition - Only recommended for those who didn't buy the 25th anniversary disc, this is basically the same except for a full documentary.

WWE - The Greatest Wrestling Stars of the '80s - 3 disc collection of the classic wrestlers from your childhood. Macho Man Randy Savage approved, OH YEAAAAAH!

June 21st

American Psycho - Killer Collector's Edition (Uncut Version) - Another Christian Bale release to cash in on Batman Begins (Joey's review here). Really enjoyed the original but felt it lacked in the gore department, hopefully the uncut version will improve on that. Don't just stare it, eat it....er, buy it.

Oz - The Complete 5th Season I'm not into most HBO dvds, they are overpriced like a mofo, but this is the last great season of Oz before the very disappointing finale.

June 28th

The Daily Show - Indecision 2004 - Relive the hilarious coverage of last year's election by Jon Stewart and his cronies.

Gunner Palace - The film that fought the MPAA rating system and won. Hear the F bombs fly in this PG-13 documentary about the experiences of soldiers in the Iraqi war.

The Ren and Stimpy Show - Season 3 and a Half-ish - Happy happy joy joy, more Ren and Stimpy hijinx on dvd.

Tetsuo: The Iron Man - Asia Extreme Collection - One of the great mindfuck films of all-time. I recommend it for fans of Cronenberg and David Lynch.


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