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Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Draft Fallout

Man, ESPN's draft coverage was pretty horrid, even David Stern didn't bring his A-Game tonight.

Speaking of not bringing the A-Game, the less said about my mock draft the better. Now let's see what teams helped themselves out and what fans got the Jeremy Roenick treatment from their team's GM.

Big Winners

Atlanta: Marvin Williams has tons of potential and scoring Salim Stoudamire 31st overall adds a great scorer to the mix.

Boston: Steal of the draft with Gerald "Celtic" Green falling to them at 18, and then landing Ryan Gomes 50th. Great night for Boston fans.

Charlotte: I won't fawn over the UNC duo as much as the announcers did, but the Bobcats cleaned up adding a PG, a competent big man and a boost to their season ticket sales. (Good to see someone taking note of the Wizards strategy of drafting local guys.)

If this night wasn't big enough for Robert Johnson, the BET awards were highly entertaining. Highlighted by a Fugees reunion with a sub-Ashlee Simpson Lauryn Hill, a T.I./Sheila E. collabo, and half the award winners not being in attendance. Can someone get Jada a sammich?!

Frenchmen: This year teams were wild about the French, especially Seattle who took two of them.

Indiana: The Pacers will be back with a vengeance after the addition of Danny Granger to go along with a returning Ron Artest.

Milwaukee: Bogut will be one of the better players out of this draft, the Bucks also picked up a solid player in second round selection Ersan Ilyasova.

New Orleans: They added their Point guard of the future in Chris Paul along with a great second round pickup of Brandon Bass.

New York: Got the big man they wanted, a sparkplug PG to come off the bench and a high energy big man. Second rounder Dijon Thompson could also end up making the team.

University of North Carolina: 4 Lottery picks and Jawad Williams will end up on someone's roster for next season.

Jury's Still Out

New Jersey: Didn't get the power forward they needed, but Antoine Wright will add depth to a bench that provided little relief last season. Mile Ilic could end up with the team down the road after some seasoning ala Nenad Krstic.

Orlando: Fran Vazquez has a ton of potential, but can he play the 3? Second round picks of Travis Diener and Martynas Andriuskevicius could pay dividends.

Portland: Traded down to the six spot and had the opportunity to take Gerald Green, but ended up with Martell Webster. Webster could end up a fine pro, but the team will regret not taking Green. Jarret Jack keeps them from landing in the losers section. Also big kudos to Martell's Grandma for the awesome hat, more than made up for the lack of bright colored suits.

Utah: Deron Williams was a great pick for them, but added nothing in the second round. C.J. Miles didn't sign with an agent so he can go back to school.

Big Losers

Denver: Could have had Francisco Garcia, then traded away the 22nd pick (Jack) for a couple of stiffs.

Detroit: Heard rumors of them taking Maxiell, but didn't take them seriously. Still doesn't make sense.

High-Schoolers: Weak showing in the final draft before the age limit kicks in. Even the player with the most potential fell out of the lottery. Who wins? The NBDL and And 1 Tour.

L.A. Clippers: Korolev could end up being a player, but Rick Brunson breathed a sigh of relief when the team took Daniel Ewing in the second.

L.A. Lakers: Just a great pick from a comedy standpoint. Can't you just picture Phil's reaction when he gets back from smoking doobies in Montana? We got a high schooler? Can't believe Gerald Green fell to.....Andrew Bynum? Followed by Phil slamming his hemp sandals repeatedly over his head.

(Bonus Link: Andrew Bynum's MySpace page.)

Toronto: The other big laugher of the night. Pete Babcock is trying to make Zeke look like a genius. First the Vince Carter debacle, and after drafting a bust last year, he drafts a guy who plays the only position the team has covered. Even the solid picks of Joey Graham and Roko Ukic later on aren't enough to overcome such a boneheaded move.

Other Thoughts

Postdraft, I don't think we'll feel the after-effects for a few seasons. However a few playoffs teams helped themselves out big time. Boston, Indiana and New Jersey helped themselves out. A couple of teams I didn't put up top, Houston (Luther Head), Memphis (Hakim Warrick) and Sacramento (Francisco Garcia), also made great picks. Detroit has it's core in tact, but a lot of Eastern teams improved, should make things in the East way more interesting next year.


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