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Tuesday, June 28, 2005

I feel a draft

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Hubie knows upside when he sees it.

No sure things, but there is plenty of upside potential for tonight's NBA draft.

Some rumors about a Portland/Utah trade, (Portland at 3 is a mock draft killer), but nothing official yet.

Edit: ESPN reporting it as official now, Ruben Patterson in Utah is almost too good to be true.

I'll throw in some attributes next to each pick (TUP = tremendous upside potential, FA = freakish athlete, PS = potential stiff, HC = headcase)

1. Milwaukee - Andrew Bogut (PS) - I'm in the pro-Bogut camp, and as long as Michael Redd is around he won't have to be a go-to guy right away. It will also let Bogut display his great passing ability. The potential return of T.J. Ford should also mean plenty of buckets for the Aussie as well.

2. Atlanta - Marvin Williams (TUP) - Hawks like him enough to trade away last years lottery pick Childress or Baby Al. Most upside of any college player.

3. Utah - Deron Williams - Most NBA-ready PG available and drawing comparisons to J. Kidd although I must have missed something while watching him all year. Should provide stability at the PG that was lost when Stockton retired.

4. New Orleans - Chris Paul (TUP) - Likely to go to whoever trades for Portland's 3 spot, NO could use Paul to fill the void left by Baron Davis departure. A Paul/J.R. Smith backcourt would be a joy to watch.

5. Charlotte - Danny Granger (FA) - Strong workouts helped him jump up, nice consolation for missing out on Paul and D. Williams .

6. Portland - Gerald Green (FA/TUP) - Young Gunz duo of Sebby and Green could mean megawatt bright future for Portland.

7. Toronto - Channing Frye (PS) - Deal for Magloire might be on the horizon, tons of holes to fill, Frye could make up for last year's bust Araujo. Felton also a possibility.

8. New York - Fran Vazquez (TUP) - If Frye is gone, Knicks will have to settle for the best Euro in the draft.

9. Golden State - Martell Webster (TUP) Team is full of talent, could invest for the future if they choose to depart with Dun Jr.

10. L.A. Lakers - Raymond Felton (HC) - With Phil back, PG might not be as big a need in the triangle O, but the Lakers aren't going anywhere with Chucky Atkins at the point. I think Felton is the pick unless someone else drops.

11. Orlando - Hakim Warrick - Should be able to handle the 3 spot and have an immediate impact in the Magic Kingdom.

12. L.A. Clippers - Andrew Bynum (PS/TUP) - Made a huge leap following workouts and looks to be a lock for the lottery, heard one comparison to Robert Swift though. However, this is the Clippers. Also rumored to love McCants.

13. Charlotte - Charlie Villueneva (TUP/HC) - He's there physically, work ethic could be question, Okafor should have a good effect on him.

14. Minnesota - Antoine Wright (HC) - Replaces Sprewell, KG will need his outside shot. Garcia makes more sense, but Wright has better pro potential.

15. New Jersey - Sean May - May has lottery potential, but I don't see where he fits, if he is still around at 15 the Nets will snatch him up.

16. Toronto - Rashad McCants (HC) - The SG they could use, a draft of Granger and McCants should be able to turn the Raps fortunes around sooner than later.

17. Indiana - Jarret Jack - Tinsley has fallen out of favor in Indy, while Jack is turnover prone, he could end up as a solid pro. Francisco Garcia is also a possibility.

18. Boston - Joey Graham - Celtics would be very grateful to have a guy like this fall to them, another solid piece to the puzzle.

19. Memphis - Chris Taft (TUP/HC) - Was a lock for the top a year ago, an extremely mediocre season at Pitt drops him out of the lottery. Grizzles need a replacement for the departing Stro Swift.

20. Denver - Francisco Garcia - The gunner Denver is missing, also a tough kid (no fugazi) who will fit in with the Nuggets rugged play.

21. Phoenix - Ike Diogu (FA)- Don't know if he last this long, but the Arizona State product would be a fan favorite and add even more size to the Suns.

22. Denver - Yaroslav Korolev (TUP) - Athletic backup for Melo.

23. Sacramento - Ersan Ilyasova (TUP) - Struck Turkish gold once, could it happen again?

24. Houston - Johan Petro (TUP/PS) - Sleeper center, can be brought along as a backup to Yao.

25. Seattle - Mile Illic (PS) - Another Euro big, Sonics could use another seven foot presence as they prepare to take the next step.

26. Detroit - Luther Head - After the big name PG's are gone, Head will fall into someone's laps (no homo). Pistons could use a scoring guard off the bench after Hunter had proven he can only be trusted for defense.

27. Portland - Roko Ukic (TUP) - Should provide depth at PG behind Telfair, big sleeper potential.

28. San Antonio - Mickaƫl Gelabale (TUP) - Another draft, another Euro diamond in the rough.

29. Miami - Salim Stoudamire (HC) - Miami won't have to worry about lack of scoring when Wade needs a rest. Best shooter in the draft.

30. New York - Andray Blatche (PS) - Isaiah is looking deep into the future, investing in a young big man would make sense.

If this isn't enough draft coverage for you, Sports Guy has a couple of good articles up. I'll have my draft recap up tomorrow.