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Thursday, June 09, 2005

It's that time again

First let me just say that anyone saying this will be a horrible Finals is likely a Heat fan (formerly known as Lakers fan). Those worried about Detroit/San Antonio resembling the classic Miami/New York rugby games need to realize that those teams were not offensively gifted and had to play rough to have any chance to win. The talent level on these two teams alone make it worth watching. OK, on to the series breakdown and prediction.

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The owner of the Spurs will have reason to celebrate when the Finals are over.

PG: Chauncey should have his way with Parker in the post, and despite MEL's speed I think Detroit's D (Seattle and Phoenix have creampuff D) will be able to throw him off his game. Advantage: Detroit

SG: What Bowen lacks in offense, he makes up for with (questionable) tight defense. He made Ray Allen mutter many a curse word in the Western semi's. However, Rip is perpetual motion and will be able to get his coming off screens. Advantage: Detroit

SF: My favorite matchup of the series, Manu vs. Prince. Tayshaun's length should help him contain Ginobili but I much like Rip will get his on Bowen, Manu will find a way to create. Slight Advantage: San Antonio

PF: Rasheed is one of the few defenders Duncan has said gives him problems, however this is the Finals and Duncan would end up getting 30 and 12 on anyone. Rasheed will need to step up like he did in the Miami series, but he's probably out of guarantees. Advantage: San Antonio

C: Big Ben has yet to show the tenacious play he did in last year's playoffs, and while Nazr is not on Shaq's level. This matchup isn't as lopsided as you might think. Advantage: Detroit

Bench: Spurs come with the deep veteran presence of Robert Horry, Brent Barry and their own Darko, Rasho. Detroit counters with Lindsey Hunter (more trouble for Parker), McDyess, and Elden Campbell. Horry will be valuable come 4th quarter, while I think Hunter will be the only one to have an impact off Detroit's bench. Slight Advantage: San Antonio

Coaches: The two best coaches in the leagues (Pop gets no love, mostly because he's not into the drama like Jax and Larry Brown) that always have their teams prepared. Usually I'd give Detroit the edge, but the Cleveland saga will have to be weighing down on LB. Advantage: Draw

Prediction: Although I'm giving Detroit a few advantages, I think the Spurs will end up being too much. San Antonio have home court, the two best players in the series, and most importantly the killer instinct. Detroit has the tendency to let games slip away believing that they'll just regroup and get the next one. Spurs in 6


  • At 12:06 PM, Blogger Joey said…

    Thank you for noting that Miami-New York was an ugly style born of necessity.

  • At 3:47 PM, Blogger Ian said…

    I'm assuming you don't have the pleasure of watching this series with someone actually from the Fat Tony...it dissapoints me greatly when the guy doesn't rep the San Antonio Roughriders like he should.


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