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Monday, June 20, 2005


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Spur of the moment

-So the Spurs came through like I thought they would, in a highly entertaining game, but it took a herculean effort from Big Shot Rob to get it done. Tim D. put up good numbers (26 and 19 is nothing to scoff at), but was atrocious down the stretch in a '98 Finals Karl Malone type performance. Thanks to an even bigger gaff by Rasheed Wallace, Duncan's legacy remains spotless for now.

Some other thoughts:

When I did my series predictions, I gave the slight bench edge to the Spurs, mostly because of the Rasho factor dragging San Antonio down, but with Horry the Spurs will always have the better bench (except if they sign Keith Van Horn).

A sixth ring has sparked Hall of Fame talk for Horry, but his career numbers are just too weak (7.5 and 5 in 13 seasons) for serious consideration.

After the game Manu said the play was drawn up for him, but unlike Rasheed, I'm not buying it. Ginobili was a decoy and would only have shot had it been a clear lay-up.

Looking further back, isn't it weird that Glenn Robinson will end up with a ring before Grant Hill and Jason Kidd, and that his one will be more than they have combined.

-In baseball news, the Mets continued their slide by getting swept by the horrid Mariners. I haven't had any beefs with Willie Randolph so far, but yanking Heilman when he was cruising after only 2 2/3 was just plain dumb.

On a related note, David Wright's stage dive catch into the crowd the other night was just insane. Eff a Derek Jeter. Oh and it's time to move Wright up in the order full-time, he's the truth.

-Still putting together that R. Kelly piece, but I'm going to save it for when the album drops in a couple of weeks.

-Also, Yahoo has started fantasy football signup, I'm thinking of setting up a league for the blogging community (Joey, Brendan I'm looking at you) if anyone else is interested let me know so we can start discussing draft dates.


  • At 11:20 PM, Blogger brendan funwrecker said…

    i'm still moving, internerd access is at a premium. until july 1st, when the grand reopening occurs.

    1. the single best part of the nba finals is rasheed wallace's championship belt. this point has been driven into the ground, but it still bears repeating.

    really real though, i thought the spurs were going to put it away in 6. and since they're the only home team up 3-2 to lose game 6 at home since the nba switched to the modern for...oh wait, sportscenter straight blinded me with (meaningless) science. as much as i pull for the eastern conference, i think the spurs have the title 'pon lock in game 7 and by a comfortable margin. of course, the spurs wildly erratic guard play, the league's choice of officials, and the type of game called by said referees can impact this prediction. all things being equal, the spurs win tonight.

    2. where do i sign up for fantasy sports? more importantly, when does yahoo fantasy nba registration start? can there be a summer fantasy league based on player movement, weed carrier arrests, and bad contract signings? THIS NEEDS TO HAPPEN.

    say word,

  • At 2:41 PM, Blogger Paul Rizzy said…

    Basketball sign-ups should start up in October. I was thinking August for football, late August preferably so we can avoid anybody drafting someone then having the guy get hurt in a preseason game.


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