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Monday, July 11, 2005

Digital Crack - July Edition

Good month to go cold turkey for DVD addicts, but the show must go on.

July 5th

Pick of the Month

Point Blank - Lee Marvin's best film (which says a lot) is in the spotlight this month. Marvin (Walker) is left for dead after a successful heist, by his wife and the gangster she has been cheating on him with. Walker comes back for revenge but the viewer isn't told if it's him or his angry ghost (also see: High Plains Drifter). Recently there was a Mel Gibson movie (Payback) that was based on the same source novel but do you want to see that or the Lee Marvin spaghetti western/crime flick hybrid?

July 12th

Bill & Ted’s Most Excellent Collection (Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure/Bill & Ted's Bogus Journey) Forget War of the Worlds, this is the interpretation of H.G. Wells that I'm down with. San Dimas High School Football still rules.

JSA: Joint Security Area First great work of Chan-wook Park (Oldboy) revolving around the murder of two soldiers in a neutral zone between North and South Korea. Of course it is being remade by Hollywood.

Rubber Johnny - I don't know what the hell to expect, but just seeing pictures and the trailer, makes me need to see it.

Sealab 2021 - Season 3 - I believe this is the last season with Captain Murphy (voice actor Harry Goz passed away during production), so it's the last release from the series worth checking out.

July 26th

Gate of Flesh - The Criterion Collection
& Story of a Prostitute - The Criterion Collection - Two new releases by director Seijun Suzuki that concern the oldest profession in the world.

Gate of Flesh revolves around a group of prostitutes who band together following World War II. They have set a strict code (think the hookers in Sin City) that forbids pimps, outside streetwalkers stepping on their turf and falling in love.

The second release strays away from Suzuki's usual gangster fare, and is about a soldier and the prostitute who loves him.

The Jerk - 26th Anniversary Edition Classic Steve Martin ish.